Calendar synchronization

Synchronize Calizy with your Google calendar, Outlook and Ical

Simplify the appointment process with your teams, subcontractors and partners, regardless of their calendar tools.

Calizy allows you to sync with Google, Outlook and Ical calendars to make appointment scheduling easier and faster.

They trust us:
Calendar synchronization

Synchronize your calendar with the main calendars on the market


Google Calendar

Real-time synchronization with the Google Calendar tool

Outlook Calendar

Real-time synchronization with Outlook Calendar


ICal Synchronization
Multi-system calendar

Unify the appointment process while keeping your habits

Easily integrate your different services and partners, even with different calendars. Calizy synchronizes with the market's calendar solutions and different CRMs. You create internal and external meeting paths without any break for your prospects and customers.
Bidirectional synchronization

Synchronize your Google calendar or Outllok

Your teams continue to use their usual calendars: Calizy appointments will automatically be placed on available slots without schedule conflicts. Each event in the usual calendars is taken into account by Calizy to propose availability slots. Each appointment made by Calizy is instantly pushed to the Google or Microsoft calendar of the concerned resource.
Real time

Get real-time information

All actions performed in your Google, Outlook or Ical calendar, such as the creation of a new event or the deletion of an event, are reflected in real time in Calizy for availability calculation. In the same way, all actions on appointments made in Calizy are reflected in real time in the calendars of your teams: appointments, cancellations, or even modifications and re-assignments. Your teams are notified by the notification system or by email.
Authorized access

Easily organize the actions of your teams

Give your managers access to the activity of their teams: in calendar view, but also in indicators in the dashboards of appointment taking. They have the possibility to reassign appointments automatically or manually according to their preference.