Mobile services

Calizy is the preferred appointment scheduling tool for mobile services

Take your customer relations to the next level with real-time appointments that optimize the days of your mobile workers.
Whether your services are performed by internal collaborators or partner companies, Calizy facilitates the appointment process with features designed for mobile workers.

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Itinerant Services

Offer real-time appointment scheduling that optimizes your travelers' days

On the road? Plan your weeks with time available for roaming and others for sedentary appointments
Installers? Calizy calculates your travel time in real time for optimized weeks from one appointment to another.
Partner companies? Calizy assigns appointments according to the order of priority chosen and the time slots reserved for your interventions.
Customer relations

Optimize the quality of your services thanks to intelligent and multi-channel appointment scheduling

Offer your customers the comfort of an appointment with a precise schedule at their convenience. Calizy identifies in real time the best time slots according to the travel time from the previous and next appointment. Your mobile workers arrive at the given time and optimize their day.

Increase the number of appointments each week

Your customers can choose from the best appointment slots optimized to your criteria. Select the Calizy allocation criteria so that appointments are automatically allocated according to the rules specific to your activity. No need to change the habits of your collaborators or partners: the agendas are automatically filled in an optimal way.

Monitor the activity of your mobile networks on a daily basis

Identify the strengths of your service networks at a glance with Calizy dashboards. Volume and quality of appointments are available every day by team, by company, by region. You make the right decisions for the quality of your mobile services.

Automatically assign appointments for better service

Calizy goes beyond the usual allocation criteria to facilitate the appointment process. The order of priority of your partner companies or your collaborators is calculated according to your usual criteria of turnover, scoring, or number of interventions. Maximize the number of appointments for your services, whatever your activity.
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