Intelligent online appointment scheduling and shared calendar solution

Save time and clients with online appointment scheduling that fits your business. Calizy is the shared scheduling and agenda solution for teams and companies.

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Boost your growth with real-time optimized appointment scheduling


A complete solution to engage your customers from the moment they make an appointment

Integrations and synchronization

Integrate Calizy to all your daily tools


Google Calendar

Calizy synchronizes securely with Google Calendar. Keep your usual agenda and benefit from smart appointment scheduling

Outlook Calendar

Calizy synchronizes securely with Outlook. Keep your usual agenda and benefit from intelligent appointment scheduling

iCloud Calendar

Calizy synchronizes securely with Ical. Keep your daily agenda and benefit from intelligent appointment scheduling


Calizy synchronizes with Salesforce. Take your appointments directly from your CRM.


Calizy synchronizes securely with Hubspot. Take your appointments directly from your CRM, bring your appointments directly back to Hubspot


Video conferencing
Calizy easily synchronizes with Zoom. Easily schedule videoconference appointments.

Microsoft Teams

Video conferencing
Calizy syncs with Microsoft Team. Easily schedule video conference meetings.


Calizy integrates with Pipedrive. Find all your appointments in your CRM

Microsoft Dynamics

Calizy integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. Find all your appointments in your CRM
How does it work?

Boost your growth at appointment setting


Create attribution rules tailored to your business

Scoring, priority order, number of appointments, skills, routes... Calizy offers a unique depth of criteria.


Choose the appointment setting interfaces according to your acquisition channels

Online, call centers, via email or sms, Calizy's interfaces allow you to create and follow the most efficient customer paths.


Easily manage appointments and calendars for your internal and external networks

Synchronized with the usual calendars of your teams and partners, Calizy simplifies the daily management and productivity of your resources.

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Frequently asked questions
What is Calizy?

Calizy is a SaaS-based appointment scheduling software. Calizy calculates the best slots for available and competent advisors in real time according to your allocation rules and allows you to make appointments from interfaces adapted to your different contact points. Appointment data is available in dynamic dashboards to monitor your activity.

Who are your customers?

Calizy is an excellent solution for companies with a network of branches, sales representatives, partners or technical teams. If you are reading this document, you are probably looking to increase the efficiency of your teams, by giving them more time for customer relations. Appointment setting is essential to your business to increase the satisfaction of your BtoC and BtoB customers.

With smarter, automated appointment scheduling, Calizy can save you time and money, both for the business and for the customer you serve. Calizy will help you meet your customers' expectations in terms of service.

Do I have to change my software to use Calizy?

No, there is no need to change software because Calizy was designed to integrate with your CRM and your calendars.

Which calendar(s) can I synchronize with Calizy?

To date, Calizy syncs in real time with iCal, Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. Our teams are available to answer any specific questions you may have about compatibility and level of integration.

Are you able to handle our specific business needs?

Calizy has been designed to meet a large number of business needs. The various configuration and parameterization features will meet your needs in most cases. For example, you can manage time slots and available working hours, create your own scheduling scenarios (duration, qualification, location), define assignment priority rules or travel time rules. Calizy is designed to reflect your business as closely as possible: you can even label all types of appointments to meet your internal qualification methods.

Does Calizy manage different user roles and profiles?

Yes, Calizy allows you to manage different roles and user profiles with different associated rights. From administrator to team leader to field team member, you can create different roles according to your organization and customize their rights.

Is it possible to have a personalized version of the software?

Yes, the web version of Calizy is customizable: your customers and users will have access to a version including your company logo.

Are you compliant with the RGPD?

Yes, Calizy is GDPR compliant and ensures that its service providers are as well. The data collected is hosted in the EU. No data collected will be transferred outside the EU. No data collected will be transferred to a third party for commercial or advertising purposes.

Do you provide APIs that developers can use?

Yes, our technical team will assist you with any documentation request.

How can I access Calizy?

Calizy is a SaaS solution available from your browser, so no desktop installation is required. Each user can connect to the URL provided by Calizy, either via their email address and a password, or via an SSO connection through Microsoft Active Directory.

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