Set up the appointment process in real time

Calizy instantly calculates the best available slots of the competent resources according to your allocation rules.

Agendas are filled in real time in an optimized way. Your teams gain time to focus on their activity.
Your prospects and customers are engaged at all contact points.

They trust us
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Offer appointment scheduling in all your customer paths

Each acquisition channel has its own dedicated Calizy interface. From the online CTA to the dedicated interfaces for your call centers, the Calizy solution helps you set up appointments in all their forms. You engage your prospects and customers at every point of contact.

Reduce the time spent scheduling appointments by 50%.

Calizy allocation criteria allow you to reflect your business rules as closely as possible. Your teams' agendas are filled according to the types and modes of appointments. Team managers can easily re-assign in case of absence. You save time and customers.

Track your performance on a daily basis

Appointment data is available and structured in dashboards. Access is restricted to authorized employees, within the limits of their perimeter. You can quickly identify the best levers to improve your availability and your customer paths.
Ease of use

Easily integrate your teams and partners into the appointment process

No need to change tools. Calizy synchronizes with the usual calendars of your collaborators or partners. A shared calendar interface is also available, if you want a deeper view of activities. Adoption of Calizy is immediate regardless of the size of your company.

Create fluid appointment paths in connection with your CRM

Calizy avoids any double data entry thanks to its easy integration with your customer and CRM databases. Customer files can be created for each appointment. The contact information of identified customers is pre-entered. Your teams save time. The process is fluid and fast.
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