Our commitments

Calizy's commitments

Appointment scheduling is an essential part of your customer relationship and your corporate image. The entire Calizy team is committed every day to providing you with the most reliable, secure and ergonomic solution on the market.

1st Commitment


Whether your company has a dozen or several thousand employees and partners, Calizy performance is excellent and consistent. Our architecture and algorithms are designed to absorb activity peaks and large volumes. Our SLAs prove it: Calizy always delivers.
2nd Commitment


Your data is safe with us: our customers are demanding, just like us. Calizy meets the highest security requirements: data is stored in Europe according to the RGPD, isolated per customer and encrypted. Our authentication and security protocols are state of the art and are available in our business proposals.
3rd Commitment


Calizy is an appointment scheduling solution used by thousands of users every day. We take our customers' suggestions into account to provide the best appointment scheduling experience at all times. The adoption of the solution by your teams is a key indicator of our performance. Our roadmap is available to our customers to build the best appointment scheduling solution together.