Our mission

Welcome to Calizy

Calizy was born because we believe that every point of contact with a customer or prospect is an opportunity for relational engagement to be transformed through appointment setting.

Our ambition is to revolutionize access to business services by optimizing the availability of its resources...because nothing replaces human contact, even if technology helps us to be put in touch!


Discover our history

The Calizy team was formed around an agenda sharing platform. We quickly realized that making appointments is a universally shared headache.

It is not always enough to open one's agenda: one must also assign the appointment to the right person, at the right place and at the right time.

Calizy was born!

Our engineers and developers work as a team to create the best appointment scheduling solution for companies, that is to say you!

Here is what we are passionate about every day:

Breaking the record for speed to market for a SaaS solution: user adoption of Calizy is a key metric for us. Your teams use Calizy quickly and for a long time.

Solve our customers' reachability issues with innovative ideas: your challenges are our challenges, there is always more to invent to transform customer experiences.

Calculate the best slots among millions of possibilities in a few milliseconds. Your customers don't like to wait, and neither do you!

And to know us better, here are the key values shared by our teams.

Calizy values


Being a responsible player

Acting in the service of our customers as well as our company is a commitment that each Calizy employee makes every day. Autonomy and responsibility are our management and action methods.

Together we go further

Moving forward together is essential to give the best of what each one can give. We are complementary and this is our wealth as a partner in your actions. Working together is the basis of our success in our company and in our relationship with our clients.

Let's focus on the essentials

Let's leave complexity aside when it's not useful. What really makes the difference in our projects and the way we work? Our collaborators join us to achieve beautiful things and to achieve themselves as well. No need to make it more complicated...let's keep it simple and direct.