Shared agenda

Easily schedule appointments in the shared calendar

Make each day a success by organizing everyone's appointments. The shared agenda is designed for teams and adapts to your business.

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Ease of use

Find at a glance the appointments of a collaborator or a team, according to your authorizations.

Easily access the agenda of each of your employees and team members. Simply view their appointments, their unavailability or even their reserved slots.

The shared agenda adapts to the working methods of the teams.

Thanks to the shared calendar, only available slots are proposed for appointments. In the event of an employee's absence, automatically reassign appointments to an available and competent resource. Maximize the number of appointments kept with your customers and prospects.

Track appointment scheduling performance

Easily customize the titles of the unavailabilities in the calendar: vacations, training, reception, counter... The follow-up of activities and the construction of schedules are simplified for all. The statistical tables include the headings specific to your activity.

Easily synchronize Calizy calendar with your usual calendar tools

Appointments made via Calizy will be reported in real time in your planning tool. In the same way, each event created in your calendar will be reported in real time in Calizy.
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